“An amazing read! Midgett captures love and sexuality and conveys them in spectacular ways with her story telling!” -Admirer

New York Flavor erotic fantasies for men and women.

The Prologue
The purpose of this book is to encourage women to know more about their own bodies, sexual needs, and to help compose and to reflect their erotic thoughts. I believe women need to explore another dimension in their sexuality.

How many of you have had fantasies and wanted to bring them to reality but were afraid someone would think you were kinky, nymphomaniac, lesbian or just desperate for sex?

What is fantasy, if reality, is not anticipated? As African American women, we now have access to words that can best describe us as lovers as erotic thoughts and actions in it’s entirety. We are at the pinnacle of sexual behavior as queens in the stature of erotica.

African American female writers of erotica, within the last 7 years have given us recognition with their verses, Some of the sistha’s get funky with the written word in their books, Sistah Girls, do you want a partner who is open to the exploration of your mind and variation of sexual techniques to empower you?

My book is candid, imaginative, and poetically graphic. When you finish this read, your life will never be the same. I have provided space with questions and comments after each piece as suggestive aids for your creative and inspirational writing on paper. The stories are fictional and definitely good conversation pieces.


Some of my friendships have been near and far. Through snail mail pacific bell and cell. From observation and discussion’s most individuals would appreciate a voice. The purpose of this short read is to encourage you, the reader to question the meaning of friendship/relationships, Sexuality/Sensuality and Self-esteem. These questions, comments, and examples are presented to reflect on varied issues about these subjects, Some of us live our lives in a vacuum and afraid to question our own daily way of living. We have questions that come into play as we interact with our intimate or some of us in or daily work life. Or scared to acknowledge some of the pain we feel in the three subjects. Some comments or question in the reading might be helpful or not.

What is your fantasy?

The purpose of this book is to encourage women to know more about their bodies and their sexual needs and help them reflect and compose their erotic thoughts. You need to add more flavor t your sexuality and not just stick with the same old habits.
These stories can inspire your own fantasies, which can be acted out with a willing partner or performed on yourself while your partner observes. Voyeurism (watching) can be exciting. Not discounting the missionary position, but variety can be the slice of your life.

These stories are just some examples to get your creative juices flowing. Write your own fantasies and send them to your partner or an interested potential.
If you can handle it would you agree sex is good for the soul?